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    Fort Leavenworth, KS Local Information

    Local Communities and Features

    Fort Leavenworth located in Leavenworth County, just north of the city of Leavenworth, Kansas, which has a population of about 35,250. Nearby communities are Lansing (population 11,265), Basehor (4,600), Atchison (11,020), and Tonganoxie (4,995). The closest major city is Kansas City, Kansas, about 45 minutes away with a population of 145,785.

    Local rental prices: The average price to rent a home in the Leavenworth area is about $565 per month, with a range of about $390-$925.

    Local housing prices: The average price to purchase a home in Leavenworth County is about $166,700, compared to $127,300 for Kansas.

    Short Description of the Area: Leavenworth is the seat of and the largest city in Leavenworth County. The fort and surrounding area is located on the western bank of the Missouri River which creates the border of Kansas and Missouri. Leavenworth is known as the "First City in Kansas" or sometimes just called the "First City".

    Climate and Weather: The Leavenworth area tends to experience warm summers and very cold winters. The average temperature during July is around 78.9 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average for January is about 28.3 degrees. The annual precipitation is 37.4 inches, slightly higher than the average for Kansas, and Leavenworth receives almost the same amount of snow on average as the rest of the state, about 15 inches annually. The risk of tornado here is high; the chance of one occurring in Leavenworth is much more likely than in the rest of Kansas, so it is a good idea to always be prepared for a major event.