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    Fort Leavenworth, KS - Chaplain

    Religious Services Organization
    625 Thomas Avenue
    Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027
    Telephone: (913) 684-2210

    Protestant Services
    Protestant services are as follows:
    Traditional protestant 0830 at Pioneer Chapel
    Liturgical/Lutheran 0845 Memorial Chapel
    Gospel Service 1000 at Pioneer Chapel
    Episcopal Service 1030  Memorial Chapel
    Contemporary Protestant 1100 at Frontier Chapel

    Neighborhood Bible Studies 1 hr/1 night per week, community wide
    Bethel Bible series and Disciple Study call 684-8983 for information.

    Catholic Program- 684-3000
    Saturday evenings:
    Confessions 1600 - 1630
    Mass at 1700
    Both at Pioneer Chapel (500 Pope Ave)

    Sunday Mornings:
    Religious Education 0810 - 0920 
    Mass at 0930
    Both at Frontier Chapel

    Muslim A prayer room is located in Bell Hall room 61(A key to the room is located in the International Officers Support Office rm 156 Bell Hall)

    Family Life Ministry
    Main Post Chapel. Office Telephone 684-8983